kwdConstruction can transform aged paving and tired gardens into attractive and robust outdoor living spaces

Welcome to kwdConstruction, a Bolton-based company offering groundwork services including block paving, natural stone flags ("Indian" stone), brickwork (garden walls, retaining walls, steps, garden features) and general landscaping such as decorative aggregates, turf and artificial turf installation. With decades of groundworks experience, kwdConstruction can transform your property & enhance its value.

Whether it's a block paved driveway or a whole garden redesign, you will be impressed with the uncompromising level of workmanship and attention to detail that goes into our works. A vast array of materials are sourced from around the world to allow us to implement our designs without restriction, including products from Tobermore, Kilseran, Marshalls, Plasmor, Charcon and Wyresdale, but don't pay to register on any "approved contractor" lists offered by any product manufacturers, so integrity and a genuine no-compromise attitude to design is guaranteed.

You can expect a free, no-obligation written quotation after your works have been assessed and you'll be offered a clear idea of the expected time scale for your works to complete with a start date window that is honest and achievable. The British weather is always a factor with these kinds of projects, but once you decide to use our services we will agree a start date & liaise closely to ensure satisfaction. One project at once - 100% dedication to completing the current works.

Services Offered

smooth contemporary setts - Very large unit paviours with a sleek ultra-modern look, very low profile chamfers and tight joints. When the warmth and craft of individual unit paving is required but maintenence is to be kept to a minimum. Installed brick-bond in rows, offset or with 3 unit sizes; Plasmor, Tobermore, Kilseran and Wyresdale offer excellent examples of this truly modern take on block paving.

traditional 200x100mm block paving - All used brands crafted to British Standards. The only meaningful differences are the colourways and price with Wyresdale, Plasmor and Tobermore offering great ranges.

tegula paving - Tumbled-style blocks appropriate for when the client is looking for a country cottage, cobbled street aesthetic and a long-term pristine finish isn't paramount but a more "lived in" appearance is sought. Best suited to period or period-style properties. All manufacturers offer a version of this paving. Large jointing gaps in each distressed or tumbled-off corner require a little more maintenence than regular blocks to ensure a pristine finish - but to do so too often would be to deny the very nature of their authentic aged design and purpose.

shot-blasted textured blocks - Silver/grey and black smooth textured finish blocks with a distinctive look and grippy tread. Kilseran and Tobermore produce very fine examples of this unique form of modular paving.

riven natural stone paving - "Indian Stone", installed in a true random layout, random in rows or brick-bond, incorporating units from ~300x300mm to 900x600mm. Available in over a dozen colourways, sourced globally. Natural products, hand crafted edges and with no two units alike. Ideal for any patio or outdoor garden space. Installed on a full mortar bed, welded to a non-woven geotextile and jointed with with a 3:1 mortar mix or resin-bound jointing compounds.

sawn-edge natural stone paving - As above but with a machine-cut edge to allow more precise, tighter joints, but retaining the rustic/authentic look of a hand-split product.

sawn/smoothed/honed natural stone paving - When only the look, feel and warmth of natural stone paving will do and an ultra-modern, sleek finish is required. This paving is machined on all 6 sides and honed providing a smooth surface allowing for very precise, tight jointing giving the finish more akin to tiling than regular outdoor groundworks.

driveway natural stone paving - Around twice the thickness of calibrated and machined stone products, this product is suitable for driveway installation on a full 3" mortar bed welded to a woven geotextile over the usual MOT type 1 sub-base. Jointed with either an SBR-infused mortar or resin-based compound.

external procelain paving - Similarly to sawn and honed Indian Stone, this paving allows for very precise installation and jointing with even greater precision. Installed with a bonding slurry painted to the reverse and applied to a full mortar bed over an MOT type 1 sub-base, this paving looks great and is easy to maintain, with an R11 anti-slip rating meaning it's safe wet or dry. Jointed with GftK VDW 815 2-part jointing compound for zero grouting stains and very high durability.

hydraulic-pressed concrete flags - For driveways and patios, the standard "3x2" and "2x2" flags usually in natural colour, also available in buff and red. With a block paving border and matching kerb other edgings, these can provide a very modern, contemporary look that, due to offering very tight joints and large unit size, also very low and simple maintenence

super-smooth patio flags - Available in 450x450mm in the usual solid colours and a number of 2-tone mixes, and 600x600mm in solid colours, smooth flags provide a contemporary finish and simple maintenance.

riven-effect patio flags - Available in 450x450mm in the usual solid colours and a number of 2-tone mixes, and 600x600mm in solid colours, riven flags prove a great cost-effective option for patio paving.

wet-cast concrete flags - Not often used these days as their real natural stone counterparts are more cost-effective, but still available from a number of manufacturers.


wyresdale abbey stone walling - Chosen by over 95% of clients for their garden walls and to face retaining walls. Complements natural stone paving perfectly and is highly versatile to keep the works consistent.

quarried/reclaimed stone walling - The perfect choice when a more random, authentic or rustic look is required. Often used to face a structural wall. Every unit is individual.

garden walls/retaining walls - Brick garden walls and stone-clad or tile-clad block garden walls, raised-platform garden features and patios, etc.

Decorative Aggregates

gravels - From 10mm to 100mm in a range of colours and textures.

bark - Chipped bark to tidy beds and help keep weeds to a minimum.

play bark - Bark suitable for kids' play areas.


lawn turf - Replace or create garden lawn to finish a project.

artificial turf - Installed similarly to patio paving - low maintenence with natural appeal.

anything that isn't modular - Any paving that cannot reasonably be lifted and re-installed as new for whatever reason (e.g. to allow access to cables and pipes such as Cable TV, Internet, Telephone, Electricity, Gas, Water, Drainage, Sewers, etc.) or simply replaced when accidentally damaged or refreshed for a more modern or suitable finish. Installation of new (or access to existing) burried pipes and cables is a common enough occurrence that it should always be considered when having paving works installed - particularly at the front of the property. All modular paving can be lifed and re-installed as new by a suitably-skilled installer. Look to any road or pavement surface to see how patching macadam isn't so easy on the eye, but reinstating pattern imprinted concrete and resin-bound aggregates is a costly and often near impossible prospect due to the huge varience and inconsistency between products.

tarmacadam - flexible tar-bound chippings.

resin-bound aggregates - pebbles painted onto existing surfacing or a tarmac basecoat.

concrete/pattern imprinted concrete (PIC) - fibre-infused concrete with a coloured surface and seal that requires annual/biannual re-application.

Why kwdConstruction?


kwdConstruction was formed in 2008 by myself, Kevin Dempsey B.Sc., and has been offering paving, landscaping and design services as a direct-to-customer private contractor ever since. Prior to this I was employed in the same trade by the family business, Dempsey Paving (William Dempsey Ltd.) and earlier still on a casual basis in school and college holidays and weekends since my age was in single digits. Together with my Dad, Bill, we worked on jobs of all sizes, from the smallest of garden paths to contract stone reinstatement works for local councils to multi-hundred-metre redevelopment contract works.

Job Satisfaction - the client's and my own

Working with a client to help bring experience and ideas to their requirements in providing functional, usable and maintainable outdoor spaces that enhance day-to-day family life. Whether it's a driveway to accommodate the whole family's vehicles or a whole garden redesign offering opportunities for entertaining and warm Summer evenings relaxing, I take care and pride in everything I do.