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Gravels, slate, chippings etc. can complement any driveway or patio area, leaving a maintenance-free garden or feature.

From October 2008 paving over a front garden in the usual way will not be allowed unless a sucessful £150.00 planning application is made to your local council. This is to prevent excess surface water run-off into the sewerage system & thus tackle flooding. It is not yet known how easy it will be to obtain the required permission, but it is known that an application will take up to 8 weeks to process.

New permeable paving systems, similar in look to standard block paving, have been in development for a number of years now, but the costs of purchasing & installation are prohibitive. Gravel is a great low-cost solution to the maintenance-free garden requirements of many customers.



We can also install most decorative aggregates as driveways utilising systems such as the geo-grid support system - we will not simply dig a hole & fill it with gravel & call it a driveway as many have done.



The driveway is prepared in a similar fashion to a block paved or flagged drive, i.e. dug off to correct level, MOT crushed limestone sub-base, PolyFelt non-woven geotextile membrane installed. Then the aggregate can be installed into the chosen reinforcing system providing a stable surface to walk & park on and also the attractive look of the decorative aggregates.



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